Introducing Sidetracked

Block distracting apps and improve your daily performance anytime, anywhere! 

About Us

Sidetracked is introducing a new way of doing good by you, and by others. In this digital age, humans have become incredibly busy, and are not always able to make a difference in the world. With Sidetracked, now you can. The more you focus on what really matters to you, the more we donate on YOUR behalf. 

Be Aware

Invest your time, seep the returns, and help make the world a better place. Be a hero! Track your progress in order to improve and understand your dynamics, compete with your friends and family.

Our Vision

We envision seeing a world of young leaders, making each moment count, for you and for others. Together with the Myna Mahila Foundation, each time you achieve your targets, we donate sanitary pads to girls in need so they do not have to face the stigma…

-- "United we stand, divided we fall".

End The Stigma

With Sidetracked, you can be a hero. Sidetracked had the pleasure to partner with the Myna Mahila Foundation. The more you focus the more you accumulate points, and those points convert directly into donations to the charity.

Knowledge about menstruation habits are curtailed by taboos in the Indian society, where talking about period is frowned upon. Myna is tackling the very issue of menstrual hygiene management at its root. And we want to help them!

Simple Steps To Kickstart Your Focusing Session

Select focus duration

The longer you focus, the more points you accumulate.

Block your distractions

Choose which are the apps that distract you the most and block those temporarily.

Earn Points and Give Back

Finish your focus session, earn points, and Sidetracked donates to the needy!

Invite your Friends & Family

Track your performance, and compete with your friends and family.

A great way for people to stay focused. A must for my students.

- Amit Jain, Professor at NUS